WEBINAR: How Much Income Will I Need In Retirement?

Join us on Tuesday, October 24th at 12:00 pm EST

Have you determined how much income you will need in retirement to pay your expenses, while still allowing you to do the things that you have always hoped for in your retirement years? This will be an interactive webinar. You will be doing the various calculations for your own retirement during the webinar. Please have available: (1) Your net income goal dollar amount per month, (2) Your Social Security statement (Go to SSA.gov to get statement), (3) Leave and Earning Statement, and (4) know you TSP and other retirement assets. You will not be asked to share this information but will need it to do your own calculation during the webinar. *One week prior to the webinar, you will receive a budget worksheet that you may find helpful to estimate your expenses and guide you to your personal income goal.

To access the Live Webinar, click here.

If you experience problems registering, please email

natalie@franklinplanning.com or contact 856-401-1101

** For those of you who can’t participate on the computer and would like to call in, let us know and we will send you the slides so you can follow along! Or contact Natalie Meglino at natalie@franklinplanning.com and request to be registered.

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