TSP’s 2-month winning streak ends with a slow June (By Nicole Ogrysko)

A slow June saw lower or negative returns for many of the funds in the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) after a winning streak in May and April. One retirement fund posted a higher return in June than the previous month, but all others saw noticeably lower decreases or remained virtually unchanged.

The S and I funds saw the most significant changes, positive and negative, in June compared to the previous month’s returns.

The low-risk G fund posted the same return of 0.19 percent in May and June. The fund has continued slight growth, however, throughout the past year and the last 12 months.

The F fund, a fixed-income index investment fund, posted a small decrease of -0.09 percent in June. The fund’s year-to-date return remains relatively strong at 2.48 percent, but its 12-month return fell to -0.03 percent.

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Source: FederalNewsRadio.com