EPA’s Early Retirement/Buyout Justifications Reveal How Agency is Reorganizing (By Meredith Somers)

Six Seattle toxicologists, 16 Kansas City chemists,  41 IT managers in Durham, North Carolina, 136 general attorneys from Washington, D.C.

The range of work, employee pay grade and office location runs the gamut when it comes to the Environmental Protection Agency’s early retirement and buyout program, and as the Sept. 2 deadline approaches, more details are coming out on how the agency plans to reduce its workforce to address budget requirements and the government reorganization.

According to VERA/VSIP requests obtained by Federal News Radio, EPA has 14,524 permanent employees. Out of those permanent employees, 405 are expected to be “involuntarily separated, downgraded, transferred, or reassigned.”

EPA reported that 3,654 employees are eligible for voluntary early retirement, and 195 employees are expected to take that offer.

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Source: Federal News Radio