Federal Employees’ Wages Rise

Starting in January of 2016, thirteen cities across the country will see a significant bump in salary for federal workers. This plan has been steadily moving along since May 2013, but now it finally has a date on which these changes will take place. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics has recorded data that shows the pay for federal employees in these cities lags significantly behind the average payments of employees in the private sector and in local governments.

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Weekly Roundup

4 Million Federal Employees Hacked!


The Office of Personnel Management is informing 4 million current and former employees that they have had personal information hacked from the OPM databases. this is the second time this year that OPM data has been breached by an unwanted party. The FBI is still performing their investigation into how the event took place and what a possible motive could be for stealing the personal information of federal employees. This doesn’t necessarily show the federal government messing up, rather it shows that even they aren’t safe from the cyber-crimes that are occurring more and more frequently. Click here to find out more.

10 Steps to Plan Your Retirement in Your 40s


It’s never too early to start planning for your retirement. Only 53% of Americans participate in a retirement plan at work. One in three workers aged 35-44 has less than $1,000 saved for retirement. These numbers are baffling as there is no reason not to be forward thinking and have a relative plan for your future. These 10 steps will help you jumpstart your retirement plan and get you right on the track that you want to be on! The list can be found right here. 

Freshman Congressman Fights for Federal Pay Raise


Rep. Don Beyer has only been in office for about six months now but that isn’t stopping him from trying to make changes. He is co-sponsoring a piece of legislation that would provide all federal employees with a 3.8% salary increase, significantly higher than the 1.3% increase that Obama has proposed. In addition, Beyer wants federal employees to be provided six weeks of parental leave that can be taken at the birth, adoption, or foster placement of a child. Find out more here.