FedSavvy’s® “high impact” training workshops have been highly praised for their easy to understand format, as well as an interactive class structure that allows participation among attendees. To date, we have provided training for over 100 agencies throughout the country.

See what Federal Employees who have attended our workshops had to say:

  • “Carol Schmidlin’s educational workshop at the Department of Energy was insightful and enriching. She covered many aspects of federal retirement and financial planning that I took to heart and acted on immediately. I would highly recommend her to other federal employees as they plan for their future.”
  • “I went with a coworker to a combined presentation you did … As a result, I changed most of my TSP to the Roth because of your great point about not being able to predict future taxes. I often think of that!”
  • “I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your representatives of FedSavvy® Educational Solutions for coming to the NSWC-Phila to talk about the Thrift Savings Plan program. I found the 2 sessions that day to be very informative. In my 27 years in the federal system I’d never found or heard a financial advisor that understood the government retirement programs as well as you. I wish some of these training sessions would have been available in the earlier years of my career. The Roth TSP portion was an addition that I was unaware of and could be significant in moving forward with my financial plan. I can only hope that NSWC-offers more of these type training seminars for our young employees so that they can take the opportunity to maximize the TSP program. Look forward to you coming back to NSWC for some other seminars in addition to doing some changes to my financial plan as I get closer to retirement.”
  • “The workshop I attended was well organized and presented. It was very helpful. Carol is very knowledgeable on the subject and has been a pleasure to work with.”
  • “I have taken several workshops presented by Carol Schmidlin from FedSavvy® Educational Solutions. I have found these workshops to be extremely helpful, the material on point and up-to-date and well organized. Financial management is not my area of expertise and I have found that Carol has a gift for explaining difficult financial concepts in a way that is clear, concise and understandable. Best of all, she and her staff have always been available after the workshops to answer follow-up questions. I highly recommend Carol’s courses to anyone who, like me, seeks help in understanding financial and retirement planning information.”
  • “Your presentation made me realize just how much I DON’T know about preparing for retirement! I saved your presentation and refer to it occasionally for helpful tips.”