A Family Mother’s Day

Every year for Mother’s Day, fathers all around the country round up the kids and take them to the park or out to the movies and give mom the day home alone to relax. While this can be amazing (and hard to come by) for any mother, maybe this is the year to try something different. After all, Mother’s Day is about celebrating being a mother, right? Here’s a few activities that can be done with the whole family, really encompassing the spirit of Mother’s Day, bringing the family together, yet still providing Mom with those valued moments of peace.

  1. Family Picnic

I know this seems a bit cliché but bear with me. After the tough Winter we just had, the entire family should be dying for a day out in the spring time air together. Whether you’re a master chef or you can barely make dinner, every father should be able to rustle up a few hoagies, some chips, and some beverages to make a solid picnic. Bring a couple yard games for some fun with everyone with a while. Then, take the kids for a walk for an hour to leave mom with her favorite book, magazine, or just the outdoors to get that relaxation that we all know she desperately needs.

  1. Family Movie, Mom’s pick

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