Full & Half-Day Workshops

FedSavvy® Educational Solutions provide full and half-day workshops to federal agencies at your location. These sessions are designed to provide comprehensive benefits training on specific federal retirement plans. Full-day workshops provide “retirement planning” in addition to the agendas below:

  • CSRS & CSRS Offset Benefit Training  (also available for Special Provisions)

Here is the agenda for the Two Day, One Day, and Half Day CSRS Program

  • FERS & FERS Transferee Benefit Training (also available for Special Provisions)

Here is the agenda for the Two Day, One Day, and Half Day FERS Program

FedSavvy® Educational Solutions has a comprehensive, proven educational program that provides retirement and financial literacy programs in accordance with the guidelines outlined in OPM’s Benefit Administration Letter 11-104. You can find the entire letter and details on OPM’s website at http://www.opm.gov/retirement-services/publications-forms/benefits-administration-letters/2011/11-104.pdf.