Do you really ‘own’ your TSP account? (by Randy Silvey)

“Ownership” is a rather fuzzy concept where federal retirement accounts are concerned. However, there is perfect clarity in recognizing feds don’t enjoy the same custody rights within their retirement nest eggs as other retirement savers do. Read more

Three Crucial Planning Tips for 2017

Beginning each New Year, you will find countless articles on financial tips that are very helpful.  As I was giving thought to my own list for 2017, I found myself reflecting on the past.  For 23 years, I have provided retirement planning to countless individuals and their families.  During that time I have seen not only the positive effects of doing proactive financial planning, but also the  disastrous outcomes from not implementing adequate protection strategies.  That is why for 2017, I have chosen to highlight those steps I believe to be most critical.

Crucial Planning Tip #1: A Retirement Plan Read more

Two Types of Retirement for Special Situations – FEDWeek

While the majority of those who retire from the government do so voluntarily and with eligibility for an immediate annuity at the standard combinations of age and years of service, several special types of retirement are available to those who don’t meet one of those two conditions. Read more

Social Security Figures Rise

The Social Security withholding “FICA” tax of 6.2 percent will to apply to salary up to $127,200, up from the 2016 maximum of $118,500. Read more