Honoring All Who Served So Bravely This Past Veterans Day

The military pension will undergo a major change within a few months. The traditional “Legacy” pension plan is about to have a new sibling, the Blended Retirement System (BRS). Read more

WEBINAR: How Much Income Will I Need In Retirement?

Join us on Tuesday, October 24th at 12:00 pm EST

Have you determined how much income you will need in retirement to pay your expenses, while still allowing you to do the things that you have always hoped for in your retirement years? Read more

House Advances 2018 Budget Resolution With Federal Retirement Cuts (by Nicole Ogrysko – Federal News Radio)

The House passed a 2018 budget resolution that sets the stage for Congress to make billions of dollars in cuts to federal retirement. Read more

WEBINAR: Are You Prepared for Five Long-Term Challenges Investors Now Face?

Join us on Thursday, September 21st at 11:00 am EST

Join us for an informative webinar where we will address five challenges currently facing investors. What has worked well over the last three decades my no longer be enough. Read more

Be Aware of TSP Spousal Beneficiary Rules

A TSP participant can designate whomever they want as a beneficiary to their TSP account, however, only a spousal beneficiary can choose to leave the funds in TSP.  Read more