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Phased Retirement Reality

The Phased Retirement Plan, which was introduced in 2012, allows employees who are eligible for retirement to work part-time.  This would allow them to receive half of the annuity that they have earned to that point, while still being treated like an employee as apposed to a retiree.  Phased Retirement sounds all well and good, […]

Fear of Losing Benefits (by Tammy Flanagan)

Recently, Government Executive’s research unit, the Government Business Council, conducted an in-depth research study of federal employees. The results revealed some interesting trends. Most of the people who responded to the survey (68 percent) were planning to retire within the next five years, with another 25 percent saying they were likely to leave government within […]

WEBINAR: 2016 Halftime Report

Join us on Thursday, August 11th at 1:00 pm EST The first half of 2016 is behind us and markets are still grappling with many of the issues that shook investors at the beginning of the year. Interest rates increases, overseas woes, and economic uncertainty may be causing you to worry about whether the glass […]

Federal Long-Term Care Premiums Rising by Triple Digits

Planning for Long Term Care is such an important component of your retirement plan.  However, the continual rate increases of the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program are a major cause of concern among federal employees.  Enrollees are facing an average increase of 83% in 2016.