Money-Saving Medicare Tips (by Tammy Flanigan)

Last week, we looked at the rising costs of Medicare Part B insurance, which helps cover doctors’ services and outpatient care. Many federal employees and retirees are wondering whether they need to sign up for the increasingly expensive Part B, since they typically already carry Federal Employee Health Benefits Program coverage into retirement. Read more

Medicare Part B Increases Announced for 2017

The premiums for Medicare Part B have been announced, by The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), for the upcoming year of 2017.  Although the Social Security COLA that was announced in October was low, preimum rates are set to increase across the board.  Under the harmless hold provision, which applies to approximately 70% of beneficiaries, the average premium had been $104.90 for the past few years.  Come 2017. this premium will increase by about 4% to $109. Read more

Federal Government and Federal Employees Under President Trump (by Ralph R. Smith – FedSmith)

President Trump?

Those two words becoming a reality were considered highly unlikely before yesterday’s election.

In a year of political surprises, America’s election of Donald Trump as president despite consistently running behind in many polls is a historic event. As happened in the United Kingdom earlier this year, voters made up their own minds and ignored the political class and views often expressed in the political press.

For the federal workforce, there is little doubt there will be changes on the horizon after January 2017. Without regard to the desirability of these changes, the long political campaign is an overview of the philosophy and programs to be pursued by President Trump.

Read more

Your Future Self Will Thank You: Crucial Retirement Advise for Young Federal Employees

As a young federal employee, you may be thinking about retirement, but it probably seems like a lifetime away. Remember playing as a child and not giving a care in the world about adult responsibilities? In that moment, adulthood also seemed like a lifetime away, but here you are! It seems like everything happened in a blink of an eye. That’s the feeling you will have once you hit retirement! The youth of your career will seem like only yesterday and you won’t be able to figure out where all the time has gone. And when this time comes, you’ll be doing one of two things: patting yourself on the back for preparing for retirement early on or kicking yourself for not taking it seriously as a young employee. Read more