Senate Places Limit on Administrative Leave

Republicans and Democrats have come to a rare agreement concerning Federal Employees on Wednesday, passing a bill that will ultimately cut back the use of “Administrative Leave.”

“Administrative Leave,” is paid time off that does not subtract from vacation days, sick days, or other forms of leave. While there are many reasons this leave can be issued, it is often used as a suspension of sorts in order to get an employee away from the workplace until an official punishment, if any, is handed down.

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Express Your Love This Valentine’s Day With Sound Financial Planning For Your Loved One

Maximize Social Security Benefits

The best time to claim Social Security is even more critical for married couples. Each year you delay Social Security beyond full retirement age (FRA) your benefit increase by 8%. If the higher earner delays Social Security beyond their (FRA), not only will he/she continue to build credits, for his own Social Security but will also build credits for the survivor.

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